Edgeley Grove Walkway

2020 October Challenge Details:

Dates:  October 1 to October 31, 2020.  6 different runs/hikes in October.

What:      A special fall challenge. Complete all 6 runs/hikes by running solo or in small groups while practicing safe social distancing. Must be done on six (6) different days in  October, 2020. All runs/hikes are out and back.

Where:      All runs/hikes start & end at different trailheads and are done on the Ma Pa Trail.

Distance:   6 Different, Self-Timed Runs/hikes on 6 different days in October.

            Run 1.  Distance = 6.5 miles. Start – Annie’s Playground to Williams St and back. Post to Post.

                        Run 1 Map:   https://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/3167219998

            Run 2.  Distance = 6.5 miles. Start – Williams St to Annie’s Playground and back. Post to Post.

                        Run 2 Map:  https://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/3167254156

            Run 3.  Distance = 2.85 miles.  Start Tollgate Rd. to Annie’s Playground and back. Post to Post.

                        Run 3 Map:     https://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/3168473425

            Run 4.  Distance = 3.87 miles.  Start Tollgate Rd. to Williams St and back. Post to Post.

                        Run 4 Map:  https://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/3168578956

            Run 5.  Distance = 3.18   Start Blakes Venture to Friends Park and back. Post to Post.

                        Run 5 Map:  https://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/3168603799

            Run 6.   Distance = 3.18   Start Friends Park to Blakes Venture and back. Post to Post.

                        Run 6 Map:     https://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/3168627667

Cost/Awards:     If you complete all 6 runs you get a special medal. Pay in cash $10.00 when you pick up your medal. $5.00 goes to the Ma & Pa Heritage trail & $ 5.00 for medals.   Details about the medal pick up will be posted in mid-October.   


Results:      When you finish a run/hike, send a regular email to Phil Anderson with your name, date, run # – (1,2,3,4,5 or 6) and time to:    Philofbelair@aol.com .    Results posted daily at:  http://www.mapatrail.org/fall-challenge


  1. Please note that we will NOT be looking at face Book for your times. Only send in your run details via an email.
  2. You can do the runs in any order you pick. You do NOT have to start with run # 1.
  3. Only one medal per person.
  4. Bike rides don’t count.
  5. You need to do runs 1,2, and 3 on a Sat or a Sunday because of maintenance on the trail at Tollgate south.   

  6. Medal Pick Up:

    • Remember to bring $ 10.00 in cash or check

    • Saturday 10/31 9-10 at Aberdeen Festival Park after Cats & Bats 5K. Look for Phil at his car.
    • Saturday 10/31   Noon – 1 at Williams St in Bel Air at Phil’s car.
    • Sunday 11/1      9-12  at Williams St. Look for the 10 x 10 tent near the bulletin board.
    • If needed: Monday 11/2  – 12-2 pm at Williams St at Phil’s car.
  1. Results as of;  11/06/2020  are listed below.


  First Name Last Name Won/Got/NO
A Christopher Airey GOT
  Katherine Airey GOT
  Earle Anderson NO
  Phil Anderson GOT
  Marty Angulo GOT
  Olivianna Angulo NO
  Valentina Angulo GOT
B Joni Bates GOT
  Stephanie Bartholomew GOT
  Joe Bezek GOT
  Mary Bezek GOT
  Rod Bourn GOT
  Letitia Brown GOT
  John Buck GOT
  Kris Burrows GOT
  Shay Burrows GOT
  Esther Bushser GOT
C Frank Carcirieri GOT
  Tammy Carcirieri GOT
  Amy Castillo GOT
  Michele Catterton GOT
  Dana Collins GOT
  Shannon Copeland GOT
D Kelly Denis NO
  Steve Dietrich GOT
  Celeste DiSciullo NO
  Zandra Donarum GOT
E Michele Ebert GOT
  Mary Erikson NO
  Kelly Evans GOT
  Scott  Everngam NO
F Deborah Felts GOT
  Thomas Flynn GOT
G Patty Griffin GOT
  Lance Griffin GOT
H Jenna Hakun GOT
  Karen Harkins NO
  Angela Hoover GOT
K LaDonna Kapustensky GOT
K Sherry Kimball NO
  John Kirk GOT
L Monica Levandosky GOT
  Shawn Loftus GOT
M Kim McAllister NO
  Wendy McPherson GOT
  LaTasha Merritte GOT
  Jessica Mertz NO
  Angie Musante GOT
N Rich Naldrett GOT
Karen O’Brien GOT
P Jaleesa Padilla NO
  Jennifer Perkovich NO
  Shannon Podzimek GOT
  Beth Poggioli GOT
  Tim Poggioli GOT
R Eileen Raff GOT
  Octavio Reyes GOT
  Shana Rochester GOT
  Sylvia Rochester GOT
  Debbie Ropiski GOT
  Jessica Ryan GOT
  Steve Ryan GOT
S Bill Sangtinette GOT
  Kate Santavenenere GOT
  Rebecca Schrader GOT
  Ty Schwenk GOT
  Jill Smith GOT
  Susan Smith GOT
  Stacey Stachowski GOT
  Stefanie Stevenson GOT
  Robert Svehla NO
  Russell Svehla NO
T  Andre Thompson GOT
  Guy Thompson GOT
  Mike Trott GOT
Y Terra Young GOT