Edgeley Grove Walkway

Recent Activity

Thanks to Mike Early, some of our Volunteers were able to attend classes at the Department of Emergency Systems. The classes included CPR/AED, Stop the Bleed, Narcan administration, and First Aid. We were also treated to a tour of the State of Art Harford County Response Center. We are thankful to have wonderful instructors who have dedicated their time with their stories and experiences as well. As Ma & Pa Trail Monitors we can move forward with compassion in helping others.

Photo Descriptions: Pictures 1-6 starting top left

Photo 1: Instructors Steve Hinch and Chris Hofmeister with Ma Pa Trail Monitors
Zandra, Wen, Mike P., Donna L., Donna M., Sandy, John B, John R., Lana, Eileen, Mike E, Deb
Photo credit Donna Lewis

Photo 2: Certificates and Ma Pa Caps given to Instructors Chris Hofmeister and Steve Hinch
Photo credit Donna Lewis

Photo 3: Our most exciting dummy wounds
Photo credit Donna Lewis

Photo 4: Bee sting, insect bite, snake display
Donna Mueller looking on
Photo credit Donna Lewis

Photo 5: “Stop the Bleed” deep wound injury
Photo credit Wen Cadden

Photo 6: Break time with John Buck
Photo credit Donna Lewis

Trail Monitors Duties:

Volunteer trail monitors help the Harford County Department of Parks & Recreation maintain a visible presence on the trail. They answer questions, report maintenance issues to the county and can handle minor issues of concern (such as requesting that a dog owner leash his/her dog.) The monitors carry cell phones and can call for emergency assistance if needed.

Responsibility of a Trail Monitor:

Greet trail users keep a friendly and positive atmosphere.

Report all safety issues and other trail concerns. Maintenance issues including; fallen trees obstructing trails, soft wood on bridges, erosion on trails, broken fences, unclean bathrooms, animal carcasses, graffiti, etc are to be reported to a Park and Recs Specialist. Make note and send a picture if possible, nature of the issue as well as the location.

All emergencies or public nuisances call 911 and give location of closest road access. Defibrillators are located in the Women’s washroom near Annie’s Playground Fallston and inside the Woodshop (locked on weekends) at the Heavenly Waters parking lot.

Clearing the corridor of downed light branches or trash they encounter on their trail outings. This is especially true on heavily used trails or after windy days.

Lightly trim briers and vines obstructing the trails as needed especially on bridges.

Clean billboards at each trailhead of outdated flyers and personal interest ads. “All postings on billboards should be Harford County Government related, events on the MA & PA trail. etc. No personal or business ads should be there. All flyers must be approved by Parks and Recreation Specialist.  

Rules of the Trails:

Dogs must be on a non-retractable leash and no longer than 6 feet.

Dog owners must clean up after their dogs, carry with them, and dispose of waste.

Horses are NOT allowed on the Forest Hill Section of the trail.

Bicycles are allow on all sections of the trail. The speed of the bicycles must be less that 10 MPH.

Only class 1, E-Bikes are allowed on the trail and no motorized vehicles are allowed on the trail.

No smoking on Park property.  “Tobacco ban on all property owned, leased or operated by Harford County. This consists of all buildings and grounds, including exterior open spaces, parking lots and garages, driveways and recreational facilities.” 

Alcoholic beverages, camping, fires, weapons, and motorized vehicles are prohibited.

Pavilions can be rented by calling Harford County Parks and Rec.

While on the Trail:

Smile, Greet and if asked, inform trail users any questions they have about the trails.   If you see trail users not complying with trail rules ie dogs off leash, not picking up after dogs, smoking) politely inform them of the policy and/or where to get extra bags…or offer them one of yours if not picking up after their pet.

While on the Trail look for:

Trash   Use gloves or pick sticks and collect in a bag. Throw it in the trash can when it is finished. Pick up small branches or sticks in the trail and place them on side.

Bathrooms   Check/report for cleanliness, soap, toilet paper, port a pots need to be emptied, graffiti, damage

Billboards    Remove: outdated events, personal ads

Dog bag dispensers   Report if empty or damaged. Restock

Tunnel lights   ON 24/7 on Bel Air trail. Report if out.

New Erosions on trails

Fallen tree or large branches blocking trail

Broken or fallen signs

Broken split rail fences or holes in wooden border fences (ie Forest Hill)

 Broken or holes floorboard of bridges


New Trail Monitors:

If you are interested in being a trail monitor, please send your name, addr, phone # and email address to: 

Matt Frosolone

1707 Fallston Rd.

Fallston Md   21047

email:  mjfrosolone@harfordcountymd.gov

at:  410-638-3559 (o)

Updated:  6/12/2024  PA