Edgeley Grove Walkway

 The MA&PA Trail Connection: In the Works

Be sure to check out the lasted video of the new section of the trail that is being build. Check the video here:

The MA & PA Trail consists of a 3.3-mile section in Bel Air and a 1.7-mile segment in Forest Hill. For years, the MA & PA Heritage Trail has been in the midst of an educational and awareness campaign to inform people about the issues that surround this trail connection and to gather support for this connection. Recently, in partnership with the Town of Bel Air, Harford County has acquired an easement for a small stretch of land that will finally allow for the connection of its Bel Air and Forest Hill sections. The eventual connection will result in an 8-mile long trail that runs through the heart of Bel Air.

News articles regarding the Trail Connection can be found on our new “In the News” webpage. Watch a short video about the connection by following this link.

Click here to download a map of the proposed connection route (pictured below).

Annually, the MA & PA Heritage Trail holds a Connection Awareness Walk in which participants walk the proposed route of the new portion of the Trail. Click here to view a video of a This year, the event will be held on November 12, at 1 PM beginning at the Williams Street Trailhead. More information can be found on our homepage.




The Connection trail is being built in three (3) segments:

Segment #1 – Williams St to Main St – Completed

     Includes flashing lights for crossing Rocks Spring rd.

    8/13/2019 – Adjusting the crosswalk near the brewery.

Segment #2 – Main St to North Ave

      8/20/2020 – Survey markers are now in the ground across from the brewery. Shovels in the ground in April 2021.

5/4/2021 – The bamboo area has now been cleared and a layer of mulch has been laid down.


Segment #3 – North Ave to Blakes Venture

5/15/2020 –    Parks & Rec has submitted the next round of design document to SHA for their review. Segment 3 is running 1 year after Segment 2, so Segment will be under construction in 2022.. 

  8/21/2020 – Frederick Ward Assoc doing survey near North Ave.


Updated 7/07/2021 – NPA