Edgeley Grove Walkway


What the Checkerspot Corridor Team has done so far:Checkerspot quick reference-singlepanel

  • Planted and fenced over 400 white turtlehead plants on the MA & PA Trail in Forest Hill. See photos of the June 2014 workday.
  • Identified public and some private lands where white turtlehead already grows
  • Published a picture reference card (right) to help the public identify the Baltimore Checkerspot, its larvae and the White Turtlehead. 
  • Planned a data collection Website (publish date TBA)
  • Created a slide presentation to educate interested groups about the project. Contact Kriste Garman, Anita C. Leight Estuary Center. Phone: 410-612-1688.

What’s in store:

  • Educational signage on the MA & PA Trail to explain the project and the visible fencing
  • An educational campaign to tell Harford County residents about the Baltimore Checkerspot
  • Ongoing volunteer work groups to remove invasive plants as needed

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