Edgeley Grove Walkway


Your support is more important than ever as we will be working with the County and contributing funds to create special enhancements to the Trail. Your membership donation is tax deductible and helps to preserve and maintain this beautiful piece of Harford County history for continued recreational use. In addition, member support enables us to:

  • Support our Volunteer Trail Monitor Program
  • Maintain and update trail signs and kiosks
  • Communicate with the community via our website, e-mail and Facebook page
  • Hold trail events
  • Work on special trail projects such as our Farm Fair Bike Corral and Checkerspot Butterfly Habitat
  • Support and oversee Eagle Scout projects for trail improvement
  • Fund trail enhancements including our Bike Fixit Stations & Pet Memorial

Membership Levels

Individual: $20

Family: $30

Corporate: $200

Annual Membership is valid from date of purchase through the end of the calendar year.

Lifetime: $250

Payment Options

A. Payment using a credit or debit card. PLEASE NOTE: There is not need to sign in to PayPal after clicking the yellow “Buy Now” button below. After selecting your Membership Level, click the “Buy Now” button and select “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”. Thank you for your support!


Optional Code

B. Print out the membership form found at this link and mail a check or money order to the following address:

MA & PA Heritage Trail, Inc.
702 N. Tollgate Rd.
Bel Air, MD 21014

The MA & PA Heritage Trail thanks our lifetime members for their support!

  • Phil Anderson
  • Barry Andrews
  • Dr. Susan Austin
  • Rod Bourn
  • Judith Boyce
  • Ann Brozena
  • Joyce Craten
  • Nancy Craten
  • Pete & Kristin DeCapite
  • Lynda Deck
  • Donn Dietrich
  • Mike Early
  • S. Wayne Eissele
  • Jeffrey & Jean Foulk
  • Aaron & Diane Friedman
  • Ruth & Pat Good
  • Michelle Grams
  • Phil Hosmer
  • Kirk Ingold
  • Chuck & Mary Johnson
  • Bob Kahoe
  • Chuck & Peggy Kendzierski
  • Bruce Kinzinger
  • Andrew Klein
  • Jayne Klein
  • Mrs. Beatrice S. Kolchin
  • Christina Kramer
  • Pamela Krausman
  • April & William Lee
  • Sean & Sarah Lee
  • Donna Lewis
  • Joseph Miller
  • Judith Morgan
  • Dale Neeper
  • Kim Pursley
  • Roger Ralph
  • Gary Reich
  • Rachel Rice
  • Michael Rutkowski
  • Luke Simon
  • George & Pam Stewart
  • Edward & Catherine Weckel
  • Sophie & Kenneth Wittelsberger
  • Phil Wohlfort

Businesses and Organizations

  • Bel Air Construction
  • Bel Air Downtown Alliance

Updated 10/10/2020 NPA